How to become a dog groomer | Professional Mobile Dog Grooming Business

How to become a dog groomer | Professional Mobile Dog Grooming Business

With all the hoopla that surrounds the modern pet care trade in its infinite splendor and perpetual innovation. We sometimes forget that the old reliable businesses in the industry are also flourishing and charting new territories with each passing day. For instance, today’s mushrooming pet commerce has not bypassed one of its entrepreneurial pioneers: the professional dog groomer. As a matter of fact, pet grooming services are more accessible than ever before.

More grooming businesses than ever before can be found on Main Street, USA. They are also located on the premises of some of the biggest pet food and supply superstores in the country. Mobile grooming services are available as well. Where the groomer comes to the pet owner and pet in a specially-equipped vehicle, instead of the other way around. This powerful combination of greater visibility and a more painless availability has cracked wide open a whole new market for these old hands in the business of pets.

Indeed, the numbers of dogs getting professionally groomed these days are increasing at a rapid pace. And, not surprisingly, grooming businesses and individuals in grooming careers are growing commensurate with this broader demand. Nevertheless, there is still a shortage of qualified men and women to perform all of the grooming jobs that current pet-parenting consumers desire. In addition, when factoring in the multiple millions of canines in American households.

The overall number of dog owners who patronize the services of professional groomers is relatively small. What all of this means is that more and more pet parents are seeking out professionals to groom their animal companions. But the demand is clearly outpacing the supply. In other words, there is a rather sprawling and highly profitable entrepreneurial space clamoring to be filled by qualified professional dog groomers.

How Much Does It Cost to Start This Kind of dog groomer Business?

The investment required in this field largely depends on where you are and where you want to go. With both patience and perseverance, learning the ins and outs of the grooming trade can be accomplished on a shoestring budget. That is, if you follow the tried and true method of initially serving as an apprentice for a professional groomer, you won’t be plunking down a lot of dollars to build a potentially exciting and lucrative career. In fact, many of today’s successful groomers acquired their skills by first working alongside professionals in some capacity often as compensated assistants. There are many grooming outfits looking for help. These are the ideal places to achieve your grooming wings.

On the other hand, if you are at the point where you want to open a grooming business in a brick-and-mortar building. You will need a sizeable investment—in the $25,000 to $50,000+ range. Grooming enterprises require serious monetary outlays for equipment from bathtubs to tables to clippers. There is insurance that must be purchased and operating permits that must be acquired. If you are traveling down the route of mobile dog grooming and considering the purchase of a specially equipped van, the initial investment costs will be on par with opening up a physical locale.

There is an emergent trend in the field of grooming that revolves around wheels; that is, of grooming services that call on pet owners and pets at their residences. Offering every kind of service from nail clipping to haircuts to aromatherapy to flea baths, mobile grooming is now just a proverbial phone call away.

In a nutshell, mobile dog—and cat—grooming involves the groomer pulling into a customer’s driveway in a fully outfitted van. These vans regularly include such features as heated bathwater. Large stainless steel washtubs, high-velocity blow dryers, hydraulic grooming tables. And central vacuum systems to keep the floors free from hair and dander. This mobile service meets the needs of both pet parents and pets. Pets receive individual care, they are not in far-off shops for hours. They are never in contact with other animals. It’s a less stressful grooming alternative for pet and pet owner alike.

What Qualifications Do You Need for This Kind of dog groomer Work?

You need to know what you are doing in this field—it’s as simple as that. You determine how you reach this competency level. As previously noted, working with proven professionals and learning the grooming business inside and out is highly recommended. There are also invaluable professional membership associations in the field. The National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) and International Professional Groomers (IPG)—that provide both coursework and accreditation. Some community colleges offer two-year associate degree programs in the discipline of pet grooming, too. However, as with many other pet-specialty services. There are no laws that necessitate a degree or special accreditation to call oneself a groomer.

Grooming is nevertheless a business service that discerning consumers will carefully vet. They are going to want to know your credentials. And just because you aren’t required to have any under the law isn’t going to satisfy the people whom you want to attract as clients. Interested parties will only feel comfortable turning their animal friends over to you when you have demonstrated in some manifest way that you can do the job and do it well.

How Do You Find Customers?

If you have a pair of capable hands and the requisite knowledge to perform as a professional groomer, you can look for positions in the employ of others. There are many independent grooming outfits in need of qualified personnel to expand their current businesses. The retail superstores in the trade are increasingly on the hunt for professional dog groomers to work on their often profitable service sides.

If you want to establish your very own grooming enterprise, advertise in the usual places and via the usual methods—newspapers, direct mail, etc. Print up flyers and business cards, and distribute them to your target demographic—dog parents. Use the copious information available through the professional organizations in this discipline to your advantage. And remember: Word of mouth and testimonials to your competence are your best friends in this business.

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