What is the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?

Do you spend hours cleaning up the fur shed by your pet around the home? No, I’m not talking about your life-long friend from way back in high school, I am referring to your trusted, hairy companion. The one that knows all your secrets, never complains that you talk too much or that you don’t share your feelings and the warm little body that gives you comfort when it seems that all of mankind has gone crazy.

If you can relate to other pet owners who also spend a lot of time cleaning up their places because of the dog hair or cat hair their pet has shed, and you are looking for a more effective way of getting rid of it, I would suggest a sturdy and trustworthy machine.

Vacuum Cleaner Buyers Guide for Pet Owners

Pet hair can get into carpets fairly easily and is really hard to completely remove. The most effective way of cleaning up fur balls from your carpets and furniture is definitely vacuuming or hovering. Getting down on all fours and using a dustpan and brush is really not preferable.

And constantly sweeping a carpet with a broom is a back-breaking chore. Unfortunately, it has to be done. Not only is having pet hair all over our homes and clothes unhygienic, but it can also be unhealthy too. And no one wants to live in a place such as that.

But what is the best vacuum for pet hair? The most important factor in the case of cleaning up after your pet effectively is a machine that will do all the work swiftly and thoroughly, without being a hassle or cause of headaches. In this case, I believe that unlike your pet, what your vacuum looks like really does not matter, as long as it does a good job at cleaning up any hair left behind by our beloved pet or animal companions.

Vacuuming is the most efficient (and to be honest – only successful) option, so what makes a good vacuum for sucking up what your pets leave behind? There are some key things to remember when shopping for a vac for the cleaning up of pet or animal hair around your home. If you follow the following guidelines, finding a vacuum cleaner which high ratings that does everything you need might just be a breeze.

Does it suck?

Really, a vacuum that does not suck completely is of no use to anyone. A vacuum’s suction power is always something to keep in mind. A machine with better suction power should be your first choice because cleaning up after your pet or any other animals can be very difficult. This means that many handheld vacuum cleaners will not cut the mustard.

Is it easy to use?

No one wants to drag around a heavy piece of machinery. I know having to struggle with putting on different accessories is also a major downer. And make sure you know whether or not the special extras will be time-consuming.

Will it make a hellish noise?

Older vacuums used to sound like something that should rather be locked away and forgotten. That’s how I feel about those old beasts. Technology has advanced, and to my relief, a silent product is a reality. Check if the machine is silent, at least silent enough that your pet doesn’t get nightmares every time you clean your place.

What is the quality of the vacuum cleaner?

The quality of a vacuum cleaner is sometimes hard to determine, but don’t just buy a cleaner because it looks pretty or is a few bucks cheaper than other hoover or wind tunnel models. I realize that no one wants to go from store to store or browse for hours online just for a hoover, or a wind tunnel, but doing a bit of research is recommended. Otherwise, you could end up with a smart-looking vacuum that makes more noise than a diesel truck but can’t suck up even the most basic mess.

There are a couple of obvious advantages when choosing a vacuum to clean up after an animal. One of the greater advantages would be the ease of using electric vacuums rather than a broom or brush. Of course, being able to clean up your pet’s hair quickly and effectively is the whole point. Also, not having to touch anything with your bare hands, is, in my opinion, a really good reason to use one of the many decent vacuums available. Vacuum cleaners come in a wide range of styles. So getting one that will meet your cleaning needs won’t be too hard.

I have found that the easiest way to find a good pet hair vac these days, is by looking at reviews online at the various functions of the vacuums on the market. Comparing them to other vacuums, and then taking a look at the reviews it received. Make notes of all the reviews and features that available vacuums have and make comparisons.

Not everyone wants the same from their vacuums. So reading up about just one of the many vacuums out there is not enough. As I mentioned, no one really wants to go through a lot of trouble to search for something like this. But looking at reviews and comparing all the different kinds of vacuums is worth the effort in the end. So, as a starting point, here are some of the top choices out there, and their features.

BISSELL Power Glide Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum with Lift-Off Technology


The Bissell Power Glide provides a portable solution, making moving freely while cleaning, possible and more favorable.

The Bissell Power Glide provides a portable solution, making moving freely while cleaning, possible and more favorable.

This product is conveniently lightweight and cleans many surfaces while managing to maintain constant suction levels. Allergens are heavily reduced by the multi-level filtration system it has.

With the Pet Turbo Eraser Tool, hair is easily removed. And with its rotating brush, it has been specially designed to attract and remove any pet hair decidedly from your furniture and carpeting.

For added confidence with the features in this model, there is the five-year warranty (similar to the wind tunnel) that covers defects or malfunctions to consider.


The great maneuverability of the Bissell Power glide has made it a favorite with many and worthy of a top rating mention.

The complete simplicity of the assembly of the machine is impressive. And makes it a great option for potential hoover or vacuum cleaner buyers. The removable canister makes it possible to clean everywhere, even in the car standing outside. And when putting the Bissell Power Glide back into storage. The collapsible handle makes it that much easier and somewhat space-effective.


The control for switching between cleaning carpets and bare floors and to engage the rotating brush is a push-button and it’s high on the handle so there is no need to turn any knobs or bend over.

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